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Professional Services

DMC Coalition maintains a robust network of professionals across a wide array of disciplines, including legal, insurance, recruiting, technology, and finance. If a member requires such professional services, they can be certain they are being introduced to a trusted professional that understands the nuances of DMCs and the industry as a whole. 


Paul Cataudella
Founder & Attorney


As a DMC Coalition member, you have direct access to Paul to discuss any existing or potential legal matter impacting your DMC. Inquiries may range from issues involving documents you have purchased from DMCC, to disputes your DMC may be having with third-parties, to negotiations your DMC is currently engaged in regarding an event service agreement. 

If, after speaking with Paul, it is determined that his services are needed, a confidential attorney-client relationship shall be formalized by a written engagement letter detailing Paul's terms of service at exclusive member rates. 


Please complete the contact form below. You can expect a response directly from Paul within 1-2 business days.

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