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DMC Coalition is dedicated to the advancement and success of destination management companies and their clients. DMCC offers its members a variety of resources and education, as well as a trusted community to share ideas and generate solutions.

Member Benefits




A modern directory that maintains current information allowing DMCC members to interact with each other to share ideas or refer business.  

App Design

DMC Coalition fosters "co-opetition" amongst its members, enabling them to collaborate with each other and become an integral part of the change. Co-opetition is the act of cooperation between competing companies by forming a strategic alliance designed to help those companies and the industry as a whole. Co-opetition includes a mixture of cooperation with suppliers, clientele, and third-parties that produces complementary or related products. 


A collection of past member meetings, small group discussions, and hosted roundtables that enable members to never miss out on the latest information and topics of conversation.

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Virtual Team Meeting

News &media

Authoring and publishing of articles, opinions, newsletters, and video content all geared toward the sharing of information that is most relevant and paramount to DMCC members.  Learn more

Press Conference Microphones

resource Library

A library of current documents and instructional content necessary for a DMC to conduct business responsibly and successfully. Learn more


professional services

Access to a variety of professional services from individuals with experience working with DMCs; individuals that understand the nuances of DMCs. These services include legal, insurance, technology, and more.   Learn more

Signing a Contract


Our Goals

Relief + Assistance

Provide timely relief and assistance to address ongoing and prospective issues arising out of the pandemic and evolving throughout the DMC industry. This includes the contemplation and creation of helpful resources that create mutually beneficial solutions for DMCs, their clients, their suppliers, and their employees.


Create a space that promotes "coopetition" and a strong sense of community amongst DMCs. Regularly scheduled interactive meetings hosted by DMCC fosters healthy and transparent communications amongst its members. 


Educate the hospitality industry (i.e., planners, hoteliers, suppliers) about DMCs and their respective place within the industry and the economy as a whole. Through DMCC's affiliation and participation with organizations such as Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys (AHIA), Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI), Live Events Coalition (LEC), and Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE), DMCC advocates on behalf of DMCs in order to demonstrate their immense value. 

Industry Insights

Gather and share information relevant to DMCs and the industry by way of survey and word of mouth from around the world. Doing so, enables DMCC's members to be at the forefront of the latest news and trends impacting their business now and in the future. 


Deidre E.

South Florida

Paul is an exceptional attorney with the great advantage of having tenure in the DMC world.  

He really understands the DMC business model and this translates into the best possible counsel. Paul created the DMCC to develop and share the legal and business practices that will carry the DMC industry into the future.

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